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Eight Gunshots

A gunslinger enters a shooting contest despite his wife's warnings. A criminal gang faces off against a town gone mad. A Native chief avenges his tribe. An old man reflects on his lost love. A soldier and a bounty hunter search for a missing girl. The past catches up to an outlaw who found religion. A lone wolf discovers the companionship he craves. The sole survivor of a massacre prepares for bloody revenge."Eight Gunshots: Stories of the Wild West" is a short story anthology magazine that brings back the feel of classic western pulps with a modern edge, with eight stories from the cream of today's short story and independent comics worlds, illustrated by the rising stars of the small-press comics industry. Saddle up for a trip back to the old west!

only the holy remain.jpg
Only The Holy Remain

IAfter discovering the body of Father Pantone, Detective Frank Calhoun embarks on a journey to chase down clues that will reveal the murderer’s treacherous intentions. Along the way, he must deal with his own demons such as his father’s incarceration as well as his former partner’s mysterious death. With the walls closing in around him, Frank must discover the murderous plot before it’s too late.

SIN: A Deadly Anthology

SIN is the first in a new series of provocative anthologies delving into human behavior. Written by top Chicago-based fiction authors, SIN's short stories explore how we as ordinary men and women cope with circumstances that test our convictions: a loving husband's desperation during the Katrina disaster (Paoletti), a woman's struggle to accept family secrets that contradict stories she heard as a child (Campbell), a contract killer's reassessment of morality and duty as he carries out his final assignment (Frieden), a young woman's life-changing altercation with a Chicago gang (Borcherts), and so much more. The stories range from crime mysteries, to fantasy to noir. 

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