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Kid Carvers #2

IThe twins are deep into their investigation and are introduced the mysterious Dr. Lance Beaudrox, owner of Beaudrox's Bike Shop. And we also get to flashback to a New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina, when all the kids including Joe Carver (the twins' Dad) raced their bikes in the Crescent City Cross

OneNation #1

DIn the final days of the Gulf War soldier, Deacon Taylor, uses his extra-normal abilities to save his patrol unit from an ambush, and becomes “Paragon” - the new superpowered face of the American military. Paragon, along with a rising generation of superhumans called Keramats, find the trappings of being a superhero ill-fitting when it comes to the larger role of saving the world...from itself.

OneNation #2

The story of Paragon continues. Who are 'the Tenth' and what do they want from our hero!

OneNation: Old Druids

On a rainy night in London, what begins as two 
strangers sharing a drink in a pub becomes a night of dark 
occurrences. As a young Sundiata learns the cryptic secret 
of the Old Druids. Before Paragon, before the formation of 
the Tenth Foundation, he was just an ex-soldier looking for 
a new mission. The genesis of the mysterious Sundiata 
begins here!

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