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Across the Tracks

In Across the Tracks: Remembering Greenwood, Black Wall Street, and the Tulsa Race Massacre, author Alverne Ball and illustrator Stacey Robinson have crafted a love letter to Greenwood, Oklahoma. Also known as Black Wall Street, Greenwood was a community whose importance is often overshadowed by the atrocious massacre that took place there in 1921.

Across the Tracks introduces the reader to the businesses and townsfolk who flourished in this unprecedented time of prosperity for Black Americans. We learn about Greenwood and why it is essential to remember the great achievements of the community as well as the tragedy which nearly erased it. However, Ball is careful to recount the eventual recovery of Greenwood. With additional supplementary materials including a detailed preface, timeline, and historical essay, Across the Tracks offers a thorough examination of the rise, fall, and rebirth of Black Wall Street.

Dime: a choose your own destiny mystery

Dime is a choose-your-own-destiny suspense thriller graphic novel that follows the life of private investigator Eddie Puss as he chooses to either find the murderer of wealthy philanthropist Jacosta Harrington’s husband or find streetwise pimp, Jimmy Mac’s missing prostitute.  Either way he’s stuck chasing the dime.

Virgin Wolf.jpg
Virgin Wolf


The quest to find and kill the Father of all Wolfen begins!  Virgin and Hania arrive in the small town of LeSaint, in Orleans France in the year of our lord, 1605, and what they encounter may set the country ablaze, if not the entire known world.

Kid Carvers: Engineers of the impossible

Kid Carvers is an all-ages book series that revolves around two child genius’ Marley & Charley Carver, who use their superior minds to investigate strange occurrences & mysteries only they can solve. They’re scientist/private detectives…only smaller.

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